Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Shout Out!

Haven't forgotten about the blogosphere. We're still enjoying vacation. Internet access is limited, and has to be pirated from the crappy Holiday Inn, which is luckily situated close to a bar, close enough for me to get their wi-fi, sometimes. It looks like right now I've got a strong signal.

Anyway, just wanted to give "It's Not the Economy, Stupid"at the bears and shorts....I've been having a good chuckle at what must be transpiring in the blogosphere during this huge short-crushing rally.

We'll be back Saturday night. Until then, good trading.


Woodshedder said...

Oh my god, Dow up 270, Naz up 46 as I write. And as I peruse the bear bloggers' blogs, nary a word on the rally!

You may ask, how can I tell if they are perma-bears? Because on there blogs today, they will say nothing about today's rally. And on the off chance they do, it will be something stupid, like "retail sales numbers mean nothing because the analysts lowered their estimates." Listen, stupidos, it doesn't matter that retail beat lowered estimates. It only matters that the US consumer is NOT DEAD.

This short capitulation is just f-ing fantastic to watch. Like 5 fat ladies trying to get out of the same door at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Also, every bear will say they weren't short going into the rally. Riiiight!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Dookati is having a hard time finding an article to cut and paste to his blog. It must be difficult not being able to come up with ideas on his own.

Broker A said...

If you had a "calculator brain," you would be in a real hotel, with internet access-- unlike that hostel you find yourself in.

Get back to work.

ShortDaBull said...

when you have to pirate internet access from a Holiday Inn you know you should have asked the travelocity gnome for help with travel plans.

Caffeinated said...

Better hurry back to help stop Fly from selling some MVIS.