Monday, July 16, 2007

Ugh. Back to the Real World

Vacation was very nice. I am hating being back at work today. My children are hating it too, after spending a week with all their cousins and Grandparents, and being at the beach all day, everyday.

I took pictures with my cell phone of where we were staying, as it seems from my comments section that some of you doubted the poshness of the Woodshedder family's vacation digs. Problem is, I can't figure out how to get the pictures from the cell phone to the computer. You see, I just got a cell phone when the dog went missing, so folks could call us while we were out of town. Yep. You read that right. My family did not have a cell phone until a couple of weeks ago. To tell you the truth, I can not stand people who are on the damn cell phone all the time.

While I was gone, my positions did well, but it seems I missed a huge rally while having a lot of cash. Such is my luck. I really wanted to make a nice post with charts and stuff, and my plan for this week, but I fell asleep unexpectedly, so this post will have to do.

From what I see, I am extremely bullish, but am likely to wait for a bit of a pullback before putting the rest of my cash to work. What I would like to see is the Naz re-test its breakout level. When/if that happens, I will likely add to some of my currents positions, especially SWHC. I will also be scanning this week for some breakout opportunities, and some pullback plays.


Danny said...

qqqq's calls will be bought upon successful retest. my 2¢, unless it's the day before your stock reports, you can't time the market, so you may as well initiate the long as you find them, if the value is there. but that's fundamentology, not chartation, your preferred method. Either way, congrats on getting a phone. I felt great finally getting to throw away those 2 cups seperated by long string.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Nice to see you back.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home.

My kids got home from vacation Saturday (they stayed a week longer than I did) and they already want to go back.

Don't blame them a bit!

Broker A said...

People who use that cell phone ear piece with Blue tooth should be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Woodshedder said...

Those bluetooth losers truly make me want to punch them in the face. Especially like when they are in the grocery store, and you can't tell if they have lost their mind or if they are talking to you.

I have had one vendor come into my office to discuss a business relationship, and one of the guys was wearing one of those. I laughed out loud at him, told him I thought they were "silly," (I really wanted to be more descriptive) and that I couldn't have a serious discussion with him wearing it. He took it off, but not before he explained it was "disabled."

So why the hell was he wearing it if it was disabled? Did he think he was going to come in and play the BDS because of some gay earpiece?

IIO said...

My wife just got around to getting a cell phone a couple weeks ago. I still don't have one and don't really care. I hate answering the phone.

Brent said...

Welcome back Wood,

After hanging out with my cousin's kids for a weekend, I am concered that the human race will eventually morph into borgs. I am seriously considering moving my family into the mountains and staying there. Of course, I will have ccess to the interents on a limited basis to check my stocks.

Woodshedder said...

iio, the wife will never have a phone, if I can help it. Her friends will call her relentlessly, and I will have to foot the bill. It will stay for emergency purposes only.

Brent- we started looking at western Virginia mountain property today. I save you an acre or three.