Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blogging In Flydom

For the weekend, and the first few days of next week, most of my posts will be up over at Fly On Wallstreet. Even the Fly has to take a vacation once in a while.

I will continue to journal my trades at this Trade While Working, but my market commentary and any other sort of ruminations will probably be posted over there, until he returns from vacation.


king said...

NTAP looks good at current levels. Views ?

Danny said...

NTAP's patent portfolio is worthless

The Stockhead said...

Original stuff. Good job blogging in fly's absence.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Hey, is "the Fly" going to repay the favor when you go on vacation?

You're doing a great job over there. Take the opportunity to coin a new curseword... asshat and fucktard are taken, but you could still use the compound word thing.

Just a thought.


Woodshedder said...

Thanks folks.

DT- I spent a good while last night thinking up some new cursewords. I didn't get anywhere.