Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Update

I apologize for not keeping the blog updated lately. Its the same old story: work, work, work. I've had some major projects at work, and they have been making it very hard to get any time online, let alone make trades. Also, last week I was working 14 hour days, making it near impossible to do any research in the evenings. I have one more project to wrap up, and then things should get back to normal.

As for last week's trading, after the CFC trade, which ended with me selling it at the close before the BAC news was announced, I picked up another 50 shares of QLD. I now have a roughly 9% weighting in that position. Since I do not have time right now to really research anything, I'm sticking primarily with the index trades. However, I did pick up 200 shares of ANAD on Friday, simply because the stock looks ripe to become more volatile.


CNL said...

You work to much Shed! PS got any attractive long-term prospects for me to delve into?

CNL said...
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