Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hurricanes and Bounces

Yesterday I picked up 500 BEXP for a Dean Hurricane play.

This morning I bought 500 SWHC @ 18.00. I'm looking for a quick bounce from 20 day support. There is a tight stop under both.

***Update*** Added 250 BEXP @ 4.6775

***Update*** Sold 500 SWHC @ 18.08. I've got a meeting at 3:00 (right now) and don't want to stay long over night.


mdawsz said...

It appears that Mr. Sweats has not taken kindly to the new moniker.

Woodshedder said...


Actually, I think Mr. Sweats has responded more politely than I figured he would.

Danny said...

Name your dog P. Sweats. Tell your wife he was a famous bowler.

Shed, I sullied your good name with my new market theory.

Brent said...

Opened a position today and will add on pullbacks. Earnings were out yesterday and it seems plausible for the co. to grow earnings at 30% over the next couple quarters imo. Shit is liquid too.
I live for frinding little gems like this. Also, fucking do some digging on LWAY.. The shit is blowing up all over the place in So Cal. Pro-Bugs is all of a sudden taking up huge shelf space at Ralphs. Shit is catching fire and I am adding on weakness.