Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Its Good To Be Back Home

Well Fly is back from vacation, so I am back home at Trade While Working.

Today I have a meeting out-of-town and will be away from the computer and the markets until this evening. I know it must always be coincidence, but I always feel like the days when I'm not able to watch the markets are days that could be pivotal. For example, I'm very curious to see whether the market extends its bounce, or fails. I would really like to pick up some QID if it fails. Alas, I will not be able to.

Anyway, look for this blog to get back to business as usual, soon.


fucktard said...

How about QIDtard?

Great job as usual, Lumber.

Johannes said...


welcome back :) Looking forward to your new posts regarding the stockmarkets!

trade while douching said...

if i started a blog called trade while douching, whould anyone reed it?

Woodshedder said...

You mom would.