Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MVIS Institutional Holdings Decrease in Q2

Today is 45 days after the end of Q2. If the Nasdaq site is up-to-date, the above graphic should accurately represent institutional activity for MVIS in Q207. The Nasdaq site shows the breakdown.

I was wrong when I commented on another blogger's site that institutional activity would show an increase in holdings.

The graphic is posted in two parts, meaning you will have to click the upper and lower parts separately to enlarge them.


mdawsz said...

It's a show me stock at this point. Frankly I'm surprised at how it has held up thus far in the current market.

mdawsz said...

Since your blog is called "Trade While Working" does that mean you have to be at work to make any and all trades?

Just using Fly logic here.


Trading Goddess said...


Thanks for the post. Veddy interesting...

Woodshedder said...

No problem TG. Thanks for stopping by.

Honestly, I expected more accumulation.

Dinosaur Trader said...


You're a stand-up type of blogger.

Good stuff.