Thursday, October 25, 2007

Buying VDSI Panic

Picked up 200 shares @ 29.63 average.

More updates later.

***Update*** OWWWW. That really hurt. Nothing like losing 700 bucks on VDSI when I was just hoping for some quick profits on a bounce. VDSI, meet everyone in my "core" portfolio. All my long-term holdings (MVIS), meet VDSI.

I initially only bought 100 shares, being wary of the picking the bottom, but when the stock started screaming upward, I bought another 100 shares...Oh well. I think there is a high probability that I will get out of this break even, within a week's time.

In other news, yesterday I added to my BLUD and BWLD positions. I also started positions in CPHD and IIG, and I added to IIG today on the news.

I'm hearing that MSFT posted good numbers this evening, and the stock is trading up over $2.50 in after hours. The QQQs are up in after hours, erasing all of today's losses. As long as BIDU does not disappoint, it looks like more of the same tug-o-war between bulls and bears for Friday.


newequity said...

Trying to catch a bottom is impossible on stocks that drop that much.

Woodshedder said...

So now you tell me.

newequity said...

At least for me it is.

1Green Thumb said...

I don't blame u for trying if I would have had any capital to invest I would have done the same thing... This stock is way oversold. Just wrote about it today as well... check it out if you like

Good Luck!

Brett said...

New to your blog. MSFT was a big surprise, but the market loves to hate bill & ballmer. Hopefully some of that positive momentum will rub off on apple:)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "The Orange Man" shows his cards tomorrow morning. Should be interesting at the least.

Yours Truly,

Anonymous said...

Get rid of under performing names and add more tech/china.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Try catching the bottom in WCG. Now THAT is good fun!