Thursday, October 4, 2007

Out With Kefir; In With Apple

Last night's reporting of sales from LWAY caught me off guard. I did not realize they were reporting. Anyway, I resisted the urge to sell in after hours (their revenues missed analyst's targets). This morning there was a weak bid, so I hit it first thing, as soon as the premarket opened, selling the final half of my shares .5 cents less than the stock closed the day before. The stock tanked first thing, but has recovered nicely. I may get back into the position at some point.

BLUD also reported last night, and I held through the report. I was rewarded for that today as it up 9%. If it holds these levels, it will have completed a clean breakout, on volume. It is interesting to note that it broke out 2 weeks ago, and then revisted the pivot point. I think that action makes for an even stronger breakout.

Today AAPL dropped about 4 points in just a few minutes, so I scooped up 25 shares right at the current LOD. I've been wanting to add to that position.

PTT is also up 4% today. I bought the pullback, and was punished a bit for it, but it looks like the uptrend is resuming. My buy on the pullback is now back in the green.

I should note that I'm home with a sick 1 year old, and that has allowed me greater access to trading than I would normally have at work.


mdawsz said...

CHNR is a long term buy and hold right here at 46. Get it while it's cheap, lol.

JakeGint said...

BRUD was dericious today.