Monday, October 15, 2007

Technical Difficulties and an Update

It has come to my attention that my blog is not displaying correctly with Firefox browser. In fact, I downloaded Firefox and checked it out, and the blog looks like hell. I'm not sure why it is not displaying properly in Firefox, but I have an email in to Blogger support, and am doing some research on the net. For now, you'll have to use Explorer.

I'm tired, so I'm going to make this fairly uninteresting. Last week, I picked up some SLW. It has been doing well for me. Also, based on Fly's pumping of the stock, I joined the Chinese lottery with a 300 share position in XFML.

It seems to me the Nasdaq is likely to break through the trendline I referenced in this post. While I'm not expecting anything other than a pullback, it makes sense for me to lighten up a bit and sell some stocks that I either was not feeling good about or were showing signs of rolling over. To that end, I sold my small position in KTEC, and I sold out of LWAY. Both gave me very small losses. KTEC I sold because the biggest volume has come on the down days, and LWAY looks like it might want to consolidate a bit before moving up again.

I bought 50 shares of SLB today at $111.43. Of course I owned this stock and sold out last week right before the move. Anyway, with oil prices rising and IBD pumping it, SLB should continue to do well. I did not have any exposure to the black gold, so it seems a logical buy.

I also bought 100 shares of EHTH as this morning it seemed to be bucking the trend. Well it quit bucking that trend as soon as I bought it, but I held on anyway as the stock still looks strong. This afternoon I added 50 shares of ADY, as it also looks poised to continue up.

ALLI made my screen Sunday evening. I watched it all day, and it started to break out this afternoon. I bought an initial 500 shares, and then the move looked so perfect, I bought another 500 shares. I have big hopes for this one.

As always, all of my individual buys and sells are posted with prices on my Stockalicious widget.

Last week, I did an interview for WallSt. Radio's Financial Blog Watch. It should air Wednesday, October 17th. I am excited about this as it places my blog among some serious blogger company.


mdawsz said...

Yeah it's weird that Firefox isn't loading your blog properly because I haven't had the same trouble with others. Strange.

Looking forward to the interview!

mdawsz said...

BTW, Firefox browser pwns IE. It's a better browser but I wouldn't say it's superior in every regard.

Dogwood said...

I had this happen to my blog, too. Did you receive an html formatting error message when making a recent post?

To fix mine, I went back and deleted all of the formatting, especially the div tags, in the most recent post or two, then reformatted, then published the posts again.