Friday, January 19, 2007

Getting Killed in MVIS

Every year it seems like I have one stock that I'll hold through thick and thin because I believe in the story. MVIS looks like it will be mine this year. My losses are generally kept to no more than 2% per trade, and usually around .5% of total capital. It is easy to see I am down a great deal more than that on MVIS. It sucks to suffer through the pain, but I feel confident in the company and mgmt., and I know that when news is released about any contract that it will go through the roof.

Yesterday I had a meeting at 2:00 that lasted well into the evening, so I was not able to watch the close, or develop any lists for today. I think with today being options expriy, and with the sell off on the Naz, that it is a good day to stay on the sidelines. My only trade this morning has been a short of GES, 100 shares @ $73.06. Retail is strong right now, and I like the company- it just looks overextended.

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Anonymous said...

I have over 30k shares of Mvis, up close to 30 thousand in it. No plans on selling at this time. We are in a little early but I suspect by the end of the year we will be 6-8 a share. I never wanted to first to the party but its where the big money is made, unfortunately.