Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trading Plan for 1/16/07

I don't have any great setups for today. Everything looks a bit extended. I will focus today on adding to existing positions.

If I were going to establish any new positions, it would probably be in ALV, which has broken out of a long flat base, and has some news today to push it higher.

MVIS seems to be seeing a tad bit of volume pre-market. I will be focused today on adding more MVIS at a good price.

AOB is seeing a tad bit of volume pre-market, probably due to the article published in IBD this past weekend, citing 2007 as the year AOB expands to the U.S. market. If AOB does not open strong, I will be selling my small position.

The boss is gone for the next week. Hopefully things will be relaxed around the office.

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