Sunday, January 14, 2007

Positions as of 1/12/07

Thanks to Broker A, I've been accumulating MVIS. So far I'm in for 3K: 1K @ $4, 1K @ $3.90, and 1K @ $3.79. Based on this chart, I think there is a good possibility for upward momo to resume on Tuesday. I will be looking to add another 2K before the next leg up. Brian also has a post about MVIS.

I'm also long Comcast. 200 shares at $43.25. While Consumer Reports ranks them 11th out of 13 Cable Broadband Providers, none of the buyers on Friday seemed to care. I should have added to this position. I kept waiting for a pullback, but it never came. Truly, I hate Comcast. Maybe this trade will pay for a year's worth of cable, broadband, and phone.

DNA broke above year-long resistance on huge volume on a killer ER. This weekly chart shows the strength of the move. There hasn't been upside volume like we saw last week since 2005. I picked up 100 shares at $85.80 and another 100 @ $87.52. I should have waited for a better pullback on the last 100.

I'm a little embarrassed to say I know very little about AOI, other than I love the chart. I think they do something un-sexy, like tobacco. Anyway, I'm long 1K @ $7.16 and another 500 at $7.20

I'm also long 1K IMOS @ $7.05, 1K LTXX @ $5.75, and 500 AOB @ 13.09. For the year so far I'm up about 500 bucks. I started the year off short the Naz via QID, and was also short TOL. Those trades put me behind early on.
I should add that should you buy or sell the above stocks, you could lose money. I am not a licensed financial professional.


TradingGoddess said...


Welcome to the world of "Stock Bloggers"!

I wish you much success!

Woodshedder said...

Thank you very much! Your blog is a lot of fun...distracting at times...but fun....I think I need a schtick. But I don't think I'm comfortable posting pictures of scantily clad men...