Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Still Dipping

100 more NIHD @ 65.90


Jack Landers said...

Wow, looks like a great couple of days with NIHD. Not the kind of chart that I understand well enough to buy but clearly it's working. What got you on to it? Just yesterday's price advance?

Woodshedder said...

Yesterday's advance, and the fact that it looked like it had tried to get over 66 numerous times and failed. I figured when it opened strong today that today might be the day. It was :) It originally made my list as short sale setup. I expected it to not retake the 50day, whereby I would then short it. I'm watching it now and it is still going strong. But I always sell too early, so that shouldn't be surprising.

Jack Landers said...

Have you considered making your trailing stop loss always be your exit point? Whenever I've made that rule and managed to stick with it it's always worked quite well. I end up selling just barely after the peak. Such that I rarely tend to get out too early, although one will never get the maximum possible price that way. Some people worry about getting gapped down that way and taking a hit but it's not happened to me yet.