Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Water's feeling chilly...

Stopped out of GROW at 44.27 for .40 gain.
Sold 200 NIHD @ 66.87 for a 1.46 gain on 1 set and .97 gain on the other 100.
My short on ALL was stopped out for a .38 loss. Of course it only went up a nickle farther, and now my short would be back in the money. So it goes.

I do not trust this market today. Feeling like a bull trap to me.

Update- now sold 500 VPHM at 15.41 for a small .07 loss. This is an intuitive sell. I just don't like the action, although it has held the gap all day. I get really squirrely about holding anything when the indexes are not trending one way or the other.

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