Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Its About Damn Time!

MVIS up on some volume. Holy Smokes! A close over 3.70 would make my day. Hopefully this post won't jinx the stock.

Just got a call from my son's teacher. He pulled down his pants (not underwear though) and "shook his booty" at the class. Looks like I won't get to see today's close due to needing to conference with the teacher.

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Carlin said...

I like MVIS as these levels. Trading has been pretty flat with major support around 3.50(previous high back in early Nov). I like it here, because of a base it is apparently creating. Looking back over the chart we saw similar action during December before it made the move in early January. I would hate to have it retest resistance at 4.00 with out signficant volume.

Dispite MVIS significant run since late October, I am not really concerned with taking profits just yet. The stock has moved, however after each new high MVIS has retraced to support, built a base and then moved higher. Looking at the multi-year weekly chart the picture looks even better. I believe we are currently in the beginning stages of a monumental run. Next PR will hopefully be the announcement of Picop partners. The deeper the pockets/stronger the brand name, the higher MVIS pps will go.