Friday, June 8, 2007

Good Afternoon World

What a pleasure to get back to computer access and find the account sitting at YTD highs. The only bad news I have is getting stopped out of HANS, .10 cents from the low.

My BobV32x system pick, MDCO, needs to get closed out today. Looks like I'll take a small loss on that.

Other than that, I doubt I'll trade anything else today. I had plans to add to ALVR, but it moved without me. I'll have to wait for another pullback. This weekend will be a good time to review this week's market action, looks at some charts, run some screens, etc., to determine whether we are looking at just a pullback, or more of a correction.

***Update*** This market is incredible! However, I'm not convinced the bulls are out of danger yet. As I was in almost 60% cash, I am re-establishing small positions in stocks I sold off yesterday.
500 SWHC @ $14.84
500 GIGM @ $14.93

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