Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good Morning World

Should be an interesting day, with Microvision calling in their warrants.

Yesterday, I sold out of my VRGY position, taking a small loss when I sold 200 shares @ $29.13

More updates later- I'm going to watch the open.

***Update*** Sold 600 BKI @ $15.41 for a small gain. This looks like it might retrace a bit before moving up again. The chart still looks great.

***Update*** Sometimes I do stupid things. Right now I'm just sitting back chuckling at myself. Here's why. I chased BKI! And then, I waited til the absolute top to buy (kept moving my limit order up). My purchase 0f 600 shares at 15.65 effectively top-ticked the stock. It was so stupid that I'm not even mad at myself.

***Update*** Sold 100 shares of LNN @ $42.95 for a one day gain of about 13%. I still have 200 shares left.

Just sold another 100 shares at $44.03. I had a limit order in at $44.95- my luck was it top ticked at $44.94.

Now just sold final 100 shares at $44.95. I did 27.5% on this lot. This sell may have been a tad premature, but I feel confident that when the shorts are done covering, it will retrace pretty quickly.

***Update*** Doubled my position in SMSI, buying 500 @ $12.49


Caffeinated said...

What's your solely technical read on CORS, even with fucked up fundies?

grant said...

fuck you.

jog on

Danny said...


grant said...

fuck you danny bonaduce

jog on