Friday, June 1, 2007

Good Morning World

ARWR news was released. Check Fly's site for the update. It feels like a sell the news event to me, so I sold out, 1K @ 7.405. This makes a nice gain of almost 1 grand or 13% in a few days.

Most everything else I own is ripping upwards. More updates later.

***Update*** Bought 100 more HANS @ $40.32
Sold 1000 GIGM @ $14.57


mdawsz said...

Well done with arwr. Lots of stocks acting gay today.

Woodshedder said...

Thanks. I qued up a limit order when it was still trading at ~.60, but by the time I got it changed to a market, it had already dumped .20 cents.

If CLWR can close above 20, I will likely keep adding.

As for stocks acting gay, it is Friday. I think most are willing to book gains and not hold over the weekend.

downtowntrader said...

Nice sell on ARWR. Kept dropping. Also, CLWR looks awesome. Nice trade.


Woodshedder said...

Thks Joey. CLWR is now trying to make me question my very soul, as is PFWD.

PFWD is one volatile stock.

brent said...

Gold may have put in a bottom. The $650 platform held and was confirmed today. I may start adding to my core positition on any weakness and start adding gold shares.

Woodshedder said...

Thks brent. I've been following along with Caddy's comments at Fly's place. I will have to do some researching this weekend.

grant said...


Thank's for the answer on the previous comments section.

jog on

brent said...

No problem Ducati. Thanks for listening to my ramble.