Thursday, June 7, 2007

To Mother Market: I Smote Thee In Thy Nether Eye

Yes, if you read Chaucer, you know what I did to Mother Market today. If you have to ask, then you should have paid more attention in English class.

For you math majors, the account finished green today.

Basically, I sold off almost everything today, harvesting some nice profits. The only relatively dumb move I made, in my opinion, was buying back 500 shares of PFWD @ $16.13. At the time I was distracted by two salesmen who were, surprise surprise, trying to sell the company schwag. Instead of punching both of them, I made the mistake of hitting the buy button.

Anyway, I have more that I want to write about concerning today's action, but I am scheduled for 5:00 o'clock cocktails, and after a day like today, I don't want to be late getting into that action. More later.


Broker A said...

Canterbury Tales is my personal favorite. However Tolstoy is my favorite author, of all time.

Caffeinated said...

Well you kept the HANS, so the idea of action toys might still be of interest. My conviction level is low, even though I'm already quite addicted to the new Java drinks. I could use some charts with squiggly lines, Mr Wood.

ShortDaBull said...

my favorite author, of all time, is one James J. Cramer. Watch TV, Get Rich is the greatest piece of literature ever written.

mdawsz said...

This is a funny post. Well written with original content and humor. Sadly, many other 'snoopyesque' blogs just cut and paste the majority of their content from the internet.

Woodshedder said...

Thanks guys.

Fly- I often think of Pahom when I start to get greedy or egotistical.

Cafe- If I would have been able to keep my eyes open past 8:30, I would have made chart. Maybe today I'll get a chance.

Thanks M!