Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SMSI Seems Like a No Brainer Here

Check PRs and news articles on yahoo. This is extremely oversold.

I picked up 500 @ $12.37

Also picked up another 100 HANS @ $42.97 I'm going against my instincts here, which are to dump this like an ugly Betty. However, every time I do that, the stock surges upward. This time, maybe it will be different?

***Update*** Added 100 LNN @ 37.60


Caffeinated said...

Great call on HANS, but I'm slightly biased. Looking at SMSI.

Woodshedder said...

Whew. This might be the first time I make money on HANS. The shorts really were burned so far this a.m.

Ditto for LNN.

Caffeinated said...

I've blessed SMSI at 12.44.

Danny said...

I think you have a crush on fly

Woodshedder said...

Danny, I am a little bit jealous that he has chosen you for his first internets "man crush." Would figure he would want a younger man.

Broker A said...

All this jargon you idiots partake in is gay.

Man up, bitches.

Fuckin' told you HANS would shoot the bears in the face.

Danny said...

yeah HANS is strong, like the buffalo. I am not convinced the market will stay down yet, not selling.