Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nasdaq Closes at a 7 Year High

I also managed to sneak in almost 500 bucks worth of gains today. It looks as if my preliminary volume estimates for the Nasdaq show a small gain in volume over yesterday's performance. That is an encouraging sign.

I was impressed with the strength of Clearwire (CLWR) and ARWR. Other than that, most of my stocks consolidated gains, with both GIGM and SWHC holding just above the 50 day average. I will feel better when both stocks rise above and hold $15.00 and $14.00, respectively.

MVIS printed an ugly candle today. It will not surprise me if it gets sold hard tomorrow, although with the impending contract announcement and the momentum behind the price, I also would not be surprised to see more new highs.


Fly's Hemorrhoid Analyst said...

In other words, regarding MVIS, you would not be surprised by anything? Inspiring!

mdawsz said...

sdb, where ya been?

brent said...

Wood, I agree we could see a mild pull back in MVIS but there are big players waiting to chomp near $5.30, so I will buy a boat load for a trade around that level. Why did you not pick up on my JCG post? It's printing 46+ AH on earnings. If QCC prints 3.08, it goes to #3.50. VRTB will print double digits in the next 3 months.
Your pal,

mdawsz said...

Brent, what techniques are you using to come up with these nuggets of wisdom? Namely QCC, VRTB, and JCG.

Woodshedder said...

Brent, I watched JCG for a while, and then one day I didn't put it up on my screen, and then I forgot about it. The chart was so simple to see it would scream. Glad you are making bank there.

I'm afraid VRTB might be too thin for me. And I had to pare down somewhere. Please, keep the picks coming. I still watch VCCC.

Mdawsz- Brent uses a "proprietary" Vector Vest scan which finds undervalued stocks making 52 week highs. That is over simplified, but the basics of it.

mdawsz said...

I have a friend who likes vector vest, swears by it. He never shares his stock ideas with me so I'm not sure how he does.

brent said...


I just cherry pick from a list of stocks under $10 that have a RV(relative value) greater than 1.4 and just broke out to a 52 wk high. Means there is value, and the stocks is breaking out usually because that value is being realized or there is a future catalyst. I have found the following stocks under $10 using this screen:
HOM(I rode this from $2 to $14)
I could keep going, you get the idea. The key is being able to "cherry pick" the right ones. Once in a blue moon one of these will blow up on me but 9 out of 10 (yes, this good)have gone on for descent or huge gains. I will keep posting them as they come. JCG was a pick my Wife convinced me of, not on Vectorvest. Right now there are the following stocks on my screen that fit my criteria:

RNO RV: 1.58
VRTB RV: 1.56
MDH: " 1.55
CRNT: 1.54

VRTB and PHST are really the only two that catch my eye. I will probably pass on PHST.ob. Better to wait for a the clear winner. I knew HANS at $8 was going to be big but I sold mid teens and same with NTRI. I will let you know when that special stock shows up.

mdawsz said...

Brent, that's an impressive list of stocks you found early.

brent said...

Last summer I was up in Lake Tahoe with fam and I swear to you every other stock on the my list was a commercial REIT. You could actually see that the entire sector was about to explode before anyone else. I loaded up on NRF, WXH, NRF, ETC. and I was sitting on the beach going this is too damn easy. You just have to be patient and not force trades. If the list looks blah, then it probably means its wise to stay away from them. Right now the list looks pretty "blah" becasue a lot of the stocks that looked great have gone 10+ and no longer show up. I watched AZZ all the way up from $12 and never bought like a complete jack ass. Machinery is the top performing sector in VectorVest right now with the highest Relative Timing indicator. I try to buy the stocks before the there sector becomes a top RT sector via my high RV 52 wk break out methodology. Anyday now a new candidate like SWHC @ $7.50 could show up and I or anyone with good investing experience will know which candidate is a winner. When HOOK busted out above $4 it was writing on the wall. My screen found it @ 4.02 and I loaded up with almost 100% certainty is was going to "take off". Like I said, I will post the next stock I think has this sort of potential as soon as it shows up. We should not have to wait more than a month or so. QCC has potential but this is not one of those gauranteed break outs I am speaking of, even though it could easily do so. I don't like the fact it is Canadian, but mngmt seems pretty determined to take the co to the next level. Ok I'm out..

mdawsz said...

Cool Brent. Now if only it could've hit on mvis for you at $1.50...

grant said...


How long have you been using your VVest stock selection methodology?

jog on

Broker A said...


You know where you can stick those fucking candles, right?

Sell MVIS and miss the nuclear bomb party. If you know what I mean.

mdawsz said...

Ducati, where are you going with that question? Why do you need to know?

grant said...


I simply am asking how long he's been using it viz. 3 years, bull market, or 10 yrs, bull & bear market.

I am interested in how robust the methodology is [has been]

jog on

Woodshedder said...

Fly, believe me, I'm not selling out of my MVIS.

Brent- thanks for more clarity on that system. I too rode HOM from 4-14 as well. When HOM hit the 8s, my Dad and I were way overweight in it. It was a great run.

brent said...

MDAWSZ, Fortunately for some reason I jumped in MVIS @1.95 on Fly's rec. I liked the "Lotto Pick" comment from Fly and had started reading Ben's blog at right around the same time. This is turning out to be one of my best runs ever. Thanks Fly. I happen to truly believe in this technology. I know peope keep calling it a "spec play", blah, blah. So whas SNDK, INTC, etc. at one point. I found SNDK at $5 for the Moneey Mgr I was working for in San Diego and people were saying the same thing. You have to have a some vision and put two and teo together. MVIS could be huge!

Ducati, I think I switched over from my paid Hoover's screening sub to VV's 01-02ish. If the stock is undervalued via the RV test and breaking out to a 52 wk high whether we are in a Bull or Bear market, it still shows a stock on or about to make a good move. The value is allready in the stock and the 52 wk break out usually means there is a catalyst approaching. I hate to be redundant, but it is just this simple and when I have attended VV meetings in San Diego I laugh at some of these complicated schemes they use knowing mine outperforms and finds big winners befor they make there big move.

Wood. That's funny on HOM. My neighbor was there top Fiber Seal franchisee. He was one smart dude, and he tipped me off.

I just killed it on JCG. I sold out @ 48.20.