Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Good Morning World

Thanks to the Goddess for a wonderful happy birthday wish.

I have to say she certainly captured my best angle when she snapped that picture of me.

As for today, it looks as if my sale of QID was a little premature. However, anything can happen on the days when the fed speaks, so I will more than likely sit on my hands today. If the markets continue to follow through on a healthy pullback, I may add more shares of GIGM and CMGI.

I have had a very nice email exchange with a staff member at the Van Tharp Institute, and am waiting approval to continue publishing my objectives and personal assessment from Tharp's Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom. The Van Tharp Institute website has some wonderful resources. I suggest you check it out if you have not already. Download the trading game and give that a whirl, as well. It is a blast to play.

I have meetings most of the day today, but will try to get back and make some updates.


Deborah said...

I don't think it is every wrong to sell for a profit. A profit is still a profit.

Trading Goddess said...

LOL! - best "angle"...


Woodshedder said...