Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Good Morning World

Is this the beginning of the pullback? Who knows. As I write this the Nasdaq is sitting on the 10 day average. I want to add 200 more QID, as I expect the Nas. to make the trip back to the 20 day average. I will look to add more if today's opening gap gets filled. My QID target is 49.00 and above.

MVIS had some news today, but I do not have time to link to it.

CMGI is still holding pretty strong. I was waiting for a dip to add 2K shares. We'll see if that happens.

Today I'm going to be slammed at work. I'll try and update this afternoon.

***Update*** Bought 500 URZ @ 7.06 with a stop just under $6.50. I'm testing the waters here with a small position.

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