Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Good Morning World

I can't begin to explain how good I felt coming in to work today and not having to deal with work stress and the stress of managing positions. I think part of my problem is that I just really need a break from active trading.

I'm still testing and demoing system development software. Last night, while I was over at Filtering Wall Street, Marlyn mentioned using Stockfetcher to test some strategies. If you are interested in quantifying your ideas, you should really check out what the Fetcher. It is neat. My only beef with the site is that it only allows for backtesting 2 years. I feel that this is a significant limitation in their product. I intend on emailing the company and finding out if they plan on extending the amount of time available to backtest. If they would extend the amount of time to say 10 years, I would pay the fee for their service in a second.

Keep the emails and comments coming about system development, and anything else you want to talk about. Additionally, anyone who is comfortable enough to share their system or strategy with me or my blog is encouraged to do so. The discussions of the last few days have been very very helpful to me, as many of you have struggled with similar issues, or are currently struggling as I am. I'm not meaning to turn this site into a love fest, but it is really cool for the trading community to be able to bounce ideas around.


brent said...

I just found VCC from my "proprietory" screen at VV. I bought a 1k shares @ 7.35. I have a "mental" stop around 6.65. The stock met all the criteria I explained in previous posts. It is a littlee illiquid but with a 1k shares it should not be a problem. Look at the late day buy volume yesterday. Notice the multi year cup and handle. VV spit this out based on the cruteria I set in my screen. Good luck with your search.

Woodshedder said...

Brent, you rock! Keep em' coming, and you can always email me if that suits you better.

I don't know if I'll be doing any trading anytime soon, but I'm going to pull up the chart right now.

brent said...

I need to take some time off as well.. My brain is fried. Look at the volume on ADGO.ob. I think I will probably clear 100k profit on this little "no namer" before its all said and done and then I can sleep for months with out worrying about trading. See, I like this strategy better than trading 50 stocks a month for $5oo here and there.