Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Morning World

Sorry for no evening update yesterday. I did not get home until after 8:00, and then I just fell right asleep on the couch.

The only trade I made yesterday was to add another 100 shares to LNN @ 32.08

***Update*** I just established a small position in SWN: 100 @ $45.22. Hat tip to Mdawsz for this play.

***Update*** I added another 100 SWN @ $45.67

***Update*** I added another 250 to SWHC @ $13.16


Anonymous said...

Fly up 2.2%? Now there is a guy that guy needs a stock widget on his blog.

Danny said...

I have his weightings figured out: well kinda:

he has between a 9 -15 million dollar fund.

He has about 10% ($1.5mm) in MVIS

It seems like he puts around 35% in his "the best of the S&P 400/500" (MIDD, ADBE, RS, FDC, FRX, GILD, LOW, NDAQ, CLX, DUK, LMT, BDK, VLO, etc) to approximate the "better" parts of an index.

Another 40% is in his favroite high growth stories, NTRI, BWLD, RIMM, LNN, HANS, EQIX, etc.

The remaining 15% is in his other speculative names like INSM, or in his smaller holdings.

but yeah he does need a stockalicious, but he also vows to never release his weightings, so I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Danny. I had him pegged for about $15M book and a similar figure for MVIS. I've estimated his cost average in mvis about $3.20.

Woodshedder said...

Danny, Fly has claimed on Ducati's blog that he never puts more than 6% into one position.