Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Evening Wrap Up

Well, as you can see from my Stockalicious widget, I had another killer day. The account closed today at a year-to-date high, putting me up ~9%. While that peformance is really nothing spectacular (it is beating the Nasdaq and S&P, but not the Dow), I feel like throwing sand in the eyes of the stock gods, and celebrating this recent spell of success. I will start by posting a stockalicious chart which shows my performance since I started logging all my trades with stockalicious.

Next, I want to post two charts which show my recent success at buying the bottom of a dip. Buying counter-trend has been very difficult for me in the past. I typically used to only buy strength. Lately I have had success buying short-term bottoms. If I continue to be successful with this type of entry, I will certainly need to pair it with a good system for exiting.

Finally, I want to post a chart which I really like. Downtowntrader posted this chart last week. I post it because its pretty, because I have a position in it (hey, I don't make jack from my ads, at least let me pump my own positions) and because I want someone to speculate on why the chart shows such strength when a follow-on offering of 5 million shares was just priced. Any ideas? My experience is typically that any dilution is met with selling. Not so in this case.


grant said...

While I hate to be the party pooper, why with dilution is the stock rising...worldwide bullmarket?

Buying dips works until....it doesn't.

In a strongly trending market, it works well.

The question of course is; how to decide that the trend is no longer your friend and that the trend wants to bend.

Congrats. on your equity high!
jog on

Broker A said...


There was no need to put a semi colon in that sentence, you fuck.


Time to get knee deep in ARWR. Your grandkids will thank me.

Danny said...

grant, I hope you are hit by an airplane, and that doctors save you, but only long enough to be tell you that the bank is foreclosing on your house.

Congrats on the YTD high shed.

Woodshedder said...

Thanks guys!
I will look into ARWR again Fly. Last time I sold too early.