Monday, May 21, 2007

Evening Wrap Up

As promised, I sold 500 GIGM, half my position, at $16.09 They report in the morning.

LNN continued to move today on volume. It is getting close to my target of 36.00

Everything I own continues to look good. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

If you were following along on the SLV post over the weekend, pull up a chart and you'll see that it looks as if it might have found support at a long-term trendline. It closed up .74% today on double the average volume. This area might provide a good entry if you were considering silver.

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brent said...


Take a close look at QCC. I am getting tired of these savings and loan microcaps, but the #s don't lie and the volume is indicative of something positive. QCC has not broken out to a 52 week high but if the volume continues to pick up and I see it tick higher I will jump on this one. Watch this one closely.