Wednesday, May 23, 2007


And I have lots of stocks to chew on. I'm out of my meeting and in a great mood seeing the account again up over 2%. If it closes near this level, it will be a new YTD high, and may just give me a slight gain over the benchmarks. That would certainly be a bonus.

I didn't sell anything today, although I did place a limit order to sell 1/3 of my LNN position (which wasn't yet hit). I have a target for LNN, and I'm going to honor it by selling at least 1/3rd at that point.

Finally, if you've been eyeing GIGM, now might be the time to start a position.

***Update*** Sold all of my MCHX (700 shares) @ $15.49. This made a ~9% gain and about 900 bucks in two days.

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Broker A said...

In return for all the money I just made you, I order you to drink a Monster Energy Soda, first thing tomorrow morning.

Failure to do so will result in an instant "poleaxing" of your piddly brokerage account.