Monday, May 7, 2007

Evening Wrap Up

Well I actually squeezed out a profit of a few hundred bucks today, despite MVIS continuing its slow bleed. I've been rewarded by sitting on my hands with GIGM, as it finally began to move again.

My readers may have noticed that I'm slowly dipping my toes in the trading water again. Last week I made 2 purchases of CMGI, both of which were instantly profitable. That helps get the confidence back. Today I picked up some QID, not because I think the markets are going to crash, but simply because the MACD is not confirming the price. Both of these trades have a clearly defined risk / reward. I've got stops set, and I'm just going to let things play out.

Finally, I have never received or been denied permission to reprint portions of a book on this blog as I use it to map out my system development. Therefore I will begin this endeavor shortly by writing out my objectives in an effort to determine whether I will be designing a system for long-term trend following or short-term swing trading. Honestly I'm not sure which I want to do (both maybe?) but I hope that some soul-searching through writing will help.


mdawsz said...

QID is for dick lippers (unless the market goes down).

Woodshedder said...

lol. That's my line, nut nose. Glad to see you've come out of hiding.