Monday, February 12, 2007

Contacted IR at Onstream Media

I asked about Cisco's acquistion of Five Across and what it might mean for Onstream. The IR guy was very friendly and helpful. After speaking for a few minutes, he heard me typing, and asked who I was and if I was with the media. I told him that I wasn't with the media but that I published a blog. He asked that I not use his name.

This was his response to the initial question:

"Talked to CEO and investors about it on Friday. First we want to find out how much they paid. There was no information from the CEO that would impact negatively on relationship Onstream has with Five Across." He went on to say that typically the acquiring company does not want to disrupt the business model of the acquired company.

I went on to mention that a relationship between Cisco and Onstream would seem to benefit both parties since they are both after the TV/Video/Internet market, and that Onstream's video search function and DMSP platform would be a good fit for Cisco.

He responded that there are a lot of players such as Google looking to make a break into the market, and that he was a bit surprised that Cisco was going to give it a try as well, but that my "initial impressions are probably correct."

All in all I had a very favorable feeling/impression from our conversation. I will be looking for a PR from Onstream within a week or so providing investors with more information about what the Cisco/Five Across deal might mean for ONSM shareholders.


Anonymous said...

How is onsm video search better than googles?

Woodshedder said...

2.0 version of ONSM's platform generates text from video which makes for accurate searching.