Friday, February 9, 2007


1000 GIGM @ 12.35
200 HXM @ 62.25

HXM made a buffoon out of me since I called the top yesterday and then bought back in again at the HOD. However, I can't stomach a trip back to the moving averages.

Just wanted to preserve my profits in GIGM since the markets seem to want to go to hell.

However, since I sold, these figures will probably represent the LOD.

*Update* 2:48 sold 500 AINV @ $22.88 I hated selling it as it was really looking sweet, put it was getting ready to trade beneath my purchase price. Maybe today's selling turns out to be benign, but I don't want to get stuck holding any bags here.

*Update* 3:16 my limit order to sell 1000 ONSM @ $3.60 triggered.

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