Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Service I Will Offer-

My new service will be to call the HOD as it happens for any given stock. Seems I have a propensity to buy the HOD, so I figure if you all want to know when a stock is trading near a HOD, just message me, I'll take a look at it, and if I want to buy it after seeing the chart, then you'll know it will be at or near the HOD.

Reference HXM. I bought that within one penny of the HOD.

All in all today went well. AINV is looking really strong here. The chart looks like it wants to go parabolic, although I think this type of stock going parabolic is doubtful. I am very happy that I set my stop and stuck with it. In previous months I would have sold AINV yesterday on the weakness, and therefore would have incurred a loss and missed today's move. I've got to give my ideas time to work. I think I'm doing that here, and I hope to be rewarded well for it.

ONSM and GIGM both had nice consolidation days. I fully expect these to resume moving upward soon.

AOB is one to keep your eyes on. I feel it has completed a short retracement on lower volume. It closed strong today and should get a bounce tomorrow.


IIO said...

Maybe we could team up - I have a nice habit of selling at or near the low of the day...

Woodshedder said...

Well I used to have a problem with that as well, but I have gotten a lot better about it. Basically, it is safe to assume that when I feel like selling, that I should be buying, and vice versa. I think just recognizing that psychology and implementing changed behavior becuase of it is at least 50% of what is necessary to make a great trade.

Woodshedder said...
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