Friday, February 9, 2007

Night Cap

The good news is I had two stocks up today- SIGA and ONSM. The bad news was that I gave up a lot of gains in my other positions before selling them. The other bad news is that I'm still holding MVIS, which got killed today, although it felt like it might be at a point of capitulation. I'm almost immune to the losses I've incurred with MVIS. Its like I don't even think about them anymore, except when I try to sleep, and then I find myself praying...I know it is not healthy. Please don't preach to me about holding too long onto losers. I really don't do it very often. Maybe once or twice a year. And only when I really believe in the story.

I have some interesting stats from January's trades that I want to share and analyze if I get some time this weekend.

A quick glance at today's account balance after the close tells me I'm still up about 500 bucks for the year. Without my MVIS losses, I would probably be up close to 8%. I will just keep chugging away at the gains, and when MVIS does decide to come back around, my account will be fat and happy.

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