Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Am A Buffoon

Sold the 200 NTRI at $48.86 for about $225.00 loss. I got scared the shorts were going to try and fill up a few points of the gap.

I don't know how I've ever made money in the market. I am such a buffoon. It will probably turn out that I sold the LOD.

***Update*** 1:05 Buffoonery Confirmed. Not only did I buy NIHD at the exact HOD, and subsequently watched it lose 1.5 points, I indeed sold NTRI .10 cents shy of the LOD. I feel completely depressed now as my account, at one point today, was at the lowest levels of all year. That is completely unacceptable since the major averages are firing on all cylinders. I am going to have to consider ceasing all new trades until I figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong.

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