Friday, February 23, 2007

Today's Trades

Sold 2000 CEGE @ $3.50 for a 500.00 loss. No big deal.

Bought 500 TRID @ $22.14 The Fly was also buying TRID. Before you haters start to lambast me for following Fly blindly, let me reassure you that TRID has a very pretty technical picture, and that is why I bought it.

Did I mention that those losers at Citigroup are either loading up for earnings, or are going to be sorry they downgraded NIHD right before earnings?

My meetings are done, so I'm heading home to Richmond.

***Update*** order filled for 1K ONSM @ $3.40


ShortDaBull said...

You are going to be a profiled "fly link" on monday. I suggest you take the weekend to indulge yourself in an excessive orgy of alcohol and prostitutes. It may be the last time you're happy before I crush your hopes and dreams. You have been warned.

Woodshedder said...

Geez, you mean I have to wait all weekend? I will be looking forward to having a good laugh at my own expense.