Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Going To Visit Grandma

I will be in the area of the Ozarks of Missouri through Monday, September 17th. I will try to get grandma to tell me some good stories about grandpa, although she's already disclosed that he used to love to kick the butts of Italians from New York.

I have never tried to find a wi-fi signal while in the land of lead mines and tar paper shacks (no offense to those who live in that area, but you know what I say is true). I have no idea if I will be able to go online while staying with my grandmother. She truly lives in a depressed area of the country, but hopefully there will be a Starbucks or something within an hour or so of where she lives.

I am leaving my index shorts on. I have no idea why the market rallied today. I mean, okay, so the Nasdaq puts on 15-20 points. No big deal. That's the natural way of things. But almost 40 friggin' points? It almost blew my mind. The whole ordeal left me very frustrated. Unfortunately I don't have the time or energy at this moment to launch into any self-analysis as it applies to my trading.

If there is any justice in this universe we inhabit, upon my return, I will come back to find the indexes lower and my shorts profitable, as one does not put this kind of message out to the universe and not get something equal in return. However, if you are long, I still wish you big profits. See, I wish that everyone gets what they want. That's the type of guy I am.

Please disregard the Stockalicious widget, as I've been too lazy to update the positions.

Note: When the volatility squeeze that has been building in MVIS over the last 1.5 months eventually happens (the stock can not continue to trade in such a tight range for much longer), someone is going to get their legs cut off. I hope that I am not on the wrong side of the trade when the squeeze occurs, because it is going to be a tremendous move.


Sierra Water said...

I have a 15 acre MHP in Mountain Home, AR just south of Mizzou in the Ozark Mountains. If you get in trouble with Grandma and need a place to stay let me know. There is a nice house there with a guest house. It is very close to Bull Shoals lake where they hold the Bass Masters.

Broker A said...

Make sure to avoid the big bad wolf.