Monday, September 17, 2007

Will The Other Shoe Drop?

I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrow. I'm still convinced that the markets will drop no matter what decision the fed makes. The question is, how far will it drop, and for how long will it stay depressed? I'm not so sure that any melt down will last more than a day or so while the rest of the brokers are reporting.

Today I bought small lots of SRS, SLB, and GLD. I did not add to my index shorts.

I'm working on some watchlists, but it is hard to do, not knowing whether I will be buying or shorting later in the week.

MVIS- the volatility squeeze seems imminent. Maybe the investor summits and growth conferences will give it the push it needs to break out from the squeeze. Or maybe if the markets melt down due to the fed report and investment banks earnings MVIS will get dragged down with the rest.

MVIS and MOT- If MOT is going to announce an equity stake in MVIS as it has been rumored, the trading action of the last 2 months may not be so strange. My assumption is that the shares would be bought in the open market, but that may be erroneous. If the shares have been purchased in the open market, it would certainly have provided the floor of support we have witnessed in the $4.70 range. Also, I would think the traders responsible for buying the shares would place large blocks on the ask to depress the price, and would paint the tape at opportune times to allow purchase of the equity stake at favorable prices. I've witnessed both in the recent trading.


Jeremy said...

im starting to have second thoughts on mvis

Woodshedder said...

I'm not. I'm just wondering how much longer before they can release the news, and wondering how much lower the stock goes in the meantime.

newequity said...

I will do the opposite of you and become rich.

Ah ha.

kyel said...

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