Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Step Away From the Blog- Nothing to See Here

Thanks for the concern from a few other bloggers and readers out there about my welfare. I do appreciate you checking up on me! I have no stories to tell. I just took several days away from the blog to spend time with my family and do work around the house. Although, when mowing the grass, I did develop a theory on the similarities between grass left to grow too long and a market left unchecked in its upward momentum. More on that in another post.

Last week, I continued to nibble on select stocks. I added 400 shares to my ANAD position. This morning, I added another 200 shares @ $17.17. So far, the stock is moving nicely this morning.

I also picked up 200 shares of SWHC on Friday. I think it might run into earnings, although this morning it is not showing much signs of life.

Also this a.m. I picked up 300 shares of ALVR @ $11.99

So while this market is hard to understand, the Nasdaq is trading above all of its major moving averages. I see no other way to deal with this than to leg into some positions, keeping my size small. I do not know what would have to happen to get me back in 100%, but I doubt there will ever be a clear sign. Likely I will just keep adding until Mother Market slaps me around a bit. As of today, I am still 50% cash.

***Update*** Added another 200 shares of ALVR @ $12.27


Sierra Water said...

ALVR looks great Wood. I may need to start mowing my lawn soon as the wife is starting to laugh at my blogging.

Woodshedder said...

Yes, strong breakout on ALVR.

My wife occasionally leaves me comments as "woodshedder's wife" when she feels I have been incommunicado and she wants to make me pay attention.

Sierra Water said...

MVIS chart looking real nice. Did you see LWAY today..?

Woodshedder said...

CRAP! LWAY! I've been watching her, but obviously not close enough! ARg!!!

Sierra Water said...

More fish in the sea! OSTK had a pretty clean break out above its 500 sma today. If MVIS rolls higher this week I'm going to Ruth's Chris this weekend and ordering a 5 inch rib eye on Fly's behalf.