Monday, September 24, 2007

New Position: GES Short

Why short GES? I mean, the stock has been a serious retail powerhouse, right? And in the process of achieving a greater than 100% return in a year's time, the stock split, institutions accumulated, so on and so forth. The stock still has a huge insider sponsorship, and good revenues and earnings.

So why short it?

Simply put, because their advertisements for men make me want to spew.

Consider the above gem as an example of everything that is just plain wrong. Is this dude looking for some man-boy love in a freaking desert? "Come here, and watch me ride this gnarly 3 inch thick manilla rope...You don't mind a few slivers of manilla in my craw, do you?"

Do I need to mention that a rope that size is used to tie up huge ships?When is the last time you saw one of those docked in a desert? Makes you wonder what or who he plans on tying up. Maybe he is a chubby chaser.

Look closely and you'll see he is holding a leopard print scarf. What the hell is he going to use that for? "Hey boy, let me blindfold you with this leopard print bandanna, stuff you in my beat up pressboard trunk, and ship you over to my basement apartment for some good times. Oh, and don't mind the sand in your crotch."

Looking at the chart, I find many things that make me want to hit the short side, such as the massive triple top, the declining relative strength, negative MACD divergence, and the large-volume sell-off after earnings. Not to mention, the retail sector as a whole is not looking very hot.

I sold short on Friday, and will look to add to the position if it gets anywhere close to $50.00 As a target, I see 43.00 as a good place to cover.

Keep in mind that GES has been strong and may have a few good jabs to the upside left, although I would be really surprised to see the stock get anywhere near new highs anytime soon.


JakeGint said...

You sure that's desert?

Looks like corduroy.

Woodshedder said...

Jake, don't ruin it for me. That is mile after mile of desert.

Plus, what the hell were you staring at it all close up for?

Anonymous said...

That is indeed an unfortunate photo.

Looks like a good trade.

Danny said...

homoerotic advertisements = short on principle alone.

Like a reverse mandatory RICK long.

The Word said...

Very entertaining post...

Average Retail Investor said...

You didn't notice his left hand? My guess is that he's been alone in the desert for a while, wearing those shit clothes.

Woodshedder said...

The word- thanks.

Average retail- hilarious..lmao

Woodshedder said...

Mdawsz- what are you trading right now?

Dinosaur Trader said...

Hilarious post Woody!


Anonymous said...

this post was not homophobic, i've heard senator craig sound more homphobic than that!! you told on yourself man, come on out before you end up resorting to tapping your feet in some stinky public bathromm.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence has a wide stance and the dood's got rhythym! He ain't a crotch commando! [/shrill]

ANF is another stock for sphincter spelunkers. If it weren't for trendy pansies, those retards would've went tits up years ago.


Vlada, Czech Republic said...

I fully agree with shorting GES..

Anonymous said...


Here are a list of stocks I like right now. Some are open, some aren't.


Anonymous said...

Oh and MER hasn't seen any sort of bounce viz Goldman and Bear. Odd no?

Using a modified dividend discount model and slightly out of whack WACC calculations I pin the intrinsic value in the 2.43-3.11 range, so be careful.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, remember how Ducati said he made something like $800k in August, well it's just a matter of time before someone blows up like he did when your swings are that wild. It's not hard to see. A shame really, I feel for him.

Anonymous said...

Ok, one last thing, update this blog at once. My blog is now useless since that fuckstick over at "Flyonwallstreet" has delinked me. Can you believe that shit?