Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Position: BLUD

I have watched BLUD for a break to new highs since January. Its appearance last week in the IBD 100 (ranked 98, I believe) may have been what it need to break out to new highs.

This 3-year weekly chart shows a long saucer bottom, followed by a break out. The stock has consolidated the previous breakout for 9 months.

This 1-year daily chart shows BLUD breaking out out from a 9 month rectangle consolidation.

If a stock makes the IBD 100, one should know that the metrics are strong, but I'll make it easy and link to them here.


Broker A said...

I hate BLUD.

Out of all your holdings, I like AAPL, SLB, MVIS and SHW.

JakeGint said...

Don't listen to that Maxim broker.

BLUD is a nice call. You'll do well w/ it.

WTF with the dancing girl stock? Those joints are owned by Mafia or competed with by same. The Stock? Manipulated in boiler rooms, I expect.

Like Sherwin too.

Broker A said...

Now, now, let's not get carried away calling me a "Maxim Broker."

Fuck those guys.

I run my own crew.

JakeGint said...


You are an independent?


You clear through Bear?

JakeGint said...


BLUD just filled the gap. Up an away.

newequity said...

BLUD is primed for a pop with ibd coverage. Good find.

JakeGint said...

Don't worry about BRUD being down today, Shed.

She always gets you bruddy when you first pop her cherry.

Jason said...

Ouch, time to "pony up" and double down.

Woodshedder said...

My average in BLUD is 36.09

Hardly an ouch moment.