Thursday, April 12, 2007

Evening Wrap Up

+$1,472.00 and I believe the account has closed at a new high, YTD.

I got back from taking the mutts to the vet just in time to see some killer action at the close.

SWHC had a killer run, bouncing off 14 and never looking back. I added another 500 @ $14.85 about 15 minutes before the close. I now have 15oo shares, and am loaded up.

STKL is looking very strong, and I'm loaded up with 1500 shares on that issue as well.

I added another 500 GIGM today as well, bringing me up to 1k total. I am very happy with this GIGM trade as I waited until it found support before buying it back, and then doubled the position when the trade worked as I had planned.

I also picked up 1K of ARWR @ $5.26 as Broker A was pumping/whispering something about it. He's got a good track record for his "whispers." I have no idea of anything about the company. This trade is a complete dice roll trade based on someone else's recommendation. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking for. I'm just trying to keep it interesting for my readers.


mdawsz said...

My widget looks better than your widget.

Woodshedder said...

My widget is bigger.

Tyro said...

Can I see both of your widgets?