Monday, April 9, 2007

Good Morning World

I am thrilled to be the first ever to receive Trading Goddesses Award for Excellence! It seems that she is interested in having me post some more over at her house in the future, and believe me, I would like to spend some more time there!

As for today's action, the market is set to open higher, and almost every stock I own is up in the pre-market.

I still have a great deal of work to complete around the house: sheetrock replacement, trimming out a new doorway, and finishing work for a new hardwood floor I put down over the weekend. I will be watching things as much as possible and will try to squeeze in a post or two today before the close.

I'm glad my regular readers continue to stop by, even though my blogging has been less than spectacular lately. I promise that as my home repairs get finished, I'll be back to posting charts, setups, and market analysis.

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