Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Evening Wrap Up


Today there was a lot of disappointing action in SMSI, as it gave up almost all of its gains (-4.4%) from yesterday. I should have sold it, but I'm trying to let things run.

MVIS was my main source of pain, as it gave up 2.4%, but this is healthy and to be expected after a run-up.

SWHC and COGT finished close to my entry points, and SIGM crapped on me minutes after buying it.

STKL is still going sideways, on tiny volume. I'm assuming everyone is waiting for news.

DIVX regained some of its losses after gapping down this morning, showing strength most of the day.

All in all it was a bullish day, until the close, when the Nasdaq went south. I expect more of the same tomorrow. If I could have forseen the Nasdaq crapping into the close, I would not have purchased SWHC or COGT.

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CNL said...

JSDA looking ripe for a fall...Can it hold $26.00?