Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Morning World

I bought an additional 500 STKL @ $12.20 These additional shares are not entered into the Stockalicious portfolio due to the fact that half of the purchase was on margin.

GIGM is trying to make a fool out of me for selling it yesterday. Oh well. The markets look strong, right out of the gates. Lets see if it can hold on throughout the day.

***Update*** 11:13 sold 200 TIE @ $36.91 for a loss of .31c per share. I'm tired of waiting on this stock to do something.

***Update*** 11.27 sold 300 CNMD (half my position) @ $30.79. I sold this because the stock is printing dojis on declining volume and has only been down 3 days of the past 19. This has been a very well-executed trade so far.

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