Monday, April 16, 2007


1k @ $5.46- I know nothing about the company, and it has traded pretty strangely today for a company reporting good news. Not to mention it is extended well above its averages. I'll take my 3% and move on to something I understand a little better.

Did anyone pick up AFSI after my post tonight? I didn't buy any this morning as I was in meetings, but it was up 6.5% last time I checked. That set up is money!!!

I am disappointed in how SWHC is trading today. I'm looking for it to close strong, or I'll be thinking of lightening up just a tad on my position.

***Update*** Wooohoooo I finally got to sell some MVIS. I sold 1K at $4.55. For any of you who have kept track of what I've been up to, there was a while when I thought my position in MVIS was going to be the death of me. But I hung on, and today reduced my position only because it had gotten to be 1/3rd of my overall portfolio. I am now left with 6K shares.

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