Monday, April 9, 2007

VDSI Downgraded

Crud. Hate when that happens. I sold it at $18.255 for a small loss. I waited for the bounce, and it was so small of a bounce that I missed it. Oh well.

One thing that makes me angry is that Yahoo did not print news of the downgrade, so I missed the news, and missed a good opportunity to dump it in pre-market.

***Update*** I placed the cash from the VDSI sale into 100 more ITRI @ $66.75 This brings me up to 300 ITRI.

***Update*** My stop hit on PRFT. Sold 500 @ $22.75 This makes a 1000.00 gain in just several days. I'm very happy with this trade. The gap-up this morning may just be the start of a new run. If that turns out to be true, then I'll buy back in. If not, I've got good profits.

***Update*** I bought 500 more SWHC @ $14.44. Also, STKL is starting show signs of life, and may have just put in the bottom from the breakout pullback.

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