Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Morning World

At 9:25 this morning I lose my internet connection. I look out in my side yard, and Comcast is out there burying cable. Good timing guys!

I get logged in finally to see my ITRI stop has been hit, selling 300 @ $66.92 This will probably be the LOD, as today just has that feeling about it, so far.

I've got to take a load of old sheetrock and boards and trash to the landfill today, and by the way things are going, it looks like the indexes may go to the dump today as well.

I'm really not feeling "it" today, so I will probably set some stops and just get more things done around the house.

***Update*** 10:23 I sold the rest of my position in CNMD (300 shares) @ $30.39

This puts me at 40% cash, which is a good place to be should the indexes feel a need to return to the mean.

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