Monday, March 5, 2007

Clients Made Me Miss My SMSI Sell

You see my loser's platform won't let me have a "one cancels the other" order. So I erred on the side of caution and put a stop in for SMSI, rather than a limit order to sell at my target. Well don't you know some clients came in here all yappity yap yapping about something that I can do nothing about. So I play the good guy, all concerned with good listening skills. Meanwhile, someone starts to sell the turds out of SMSI, and I can't do anything about it because these two whiners are still sitting in my office. Finally, much to my chagrin, my stop hits at $15.33, effectively netting me maybe $40.00 Now I see SMSI is now trading above my stop. I am so damn frustrated. I really wanted to bank that ~$400.00 in profits I had before those clients ruined my best trade of the day.

***Update*** Someone needs to get hurt for making miss my SMSI profits. It will be GES. Sold short 100 @ $78.25


mdawsz said...

Basically this is how it went down. I walked over to your blog, made a comment on your nice trade, and essentially top ticked the trade for you. Seriously, when I looked at my screen and made my comment it was 15.78, HOD was 15.79. Sorry dude.

Woodshedder said...

Lol...well that is funny. At least I can still get a good belly laugh at the end of the day. lol I wish you could have seen me trying to hurry the clients out, at the same time as practicing active listening skills, and the whole time trying not to think about the $$$ going down the

mdawsz said...

Hilarious, this needs to be filed under 'How to trade at work'!

Haha, my first rule of trading at work is: Never let work interfere with your concentration while you are trading at work.