Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Charts

Took me a while to get some time, but here are some charts that I like. I have included a variety of long trades.

I have a meeting tomorrow from 8-4 and will not have access to internet, so it is doubtful I will make any trades.

Don't forget the Producer Price Index is out tomorrow, and anything higher than the expected 0.2% could add some serious color to how the markets trade.

This chart is for those of you out there who like to play the 50 day bounce. TALX had a high volume event, has retraced to a possible revisit of the pivot point, and is approaching a convergence of 3 levels of support.

If you want to play a Semi, in a nice trading channel with the 50-day for support, here's one for you. IMOS has had several high volume events, which leads me to believe this trading channel may continue to profitable for some time.

How can you not like Smith & Wesson? And the chart is beautiful. If I were to put in a buy at open tomorrow, it would be for SWHC.

TZOO is worth noting simply because this technical pattern can lead to very big moves.

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